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Posted on: January 30, 2009 9:20 pm

Chillin' With Crum 1/30/09: The true number 1

Ok ladies and germs, I am back yet again with a fantastic edition of Chillin' With Crum. I have a take today on who the true number one is in college basketball, more controversy around Shannahan and a quick take on Sports Radio. And heeeeeeeeere we go!!


Ok, college basketball. I am going to say that its really no contest for me who the top 2 are in the NCAA. Wake Forest and Duke. I'll be honest, I hate Duke, but I have to give them credit in the fact that this year they could really contend for a title. Wake Forest is also having a surprisingly good season. They are real contenders this year, seeing as they beat my 2nd best team, Duke. With that, its pretty obvious that currently, me #1 team in the NCAA is Wake Forest. They have proven they can beat a good team (Duke) and I really think that this team will be and Elite 8 or better team. Or I will completely miss that Pick. We'll see at Tourney time, where I am the reigning champ of my local tournament pool, since I'm a beast at picking the tournament.


Ok, now onto Mike Shannahan. Today, Jake "The Snake" Plummer said that this firing should have come earlier. I think that I might actually agree with him. Mike Shannahan is a good coach, but sometimes coaches get stale when they are in the same place for a long time. Maybe he just needs a change of scenery or a year off, then he'll return to glory. Or at least, I hope so.


Now, sports radio. Personally, I prefer ESPN radio, because I think they have interesting personalities on that station. Now, I have noticed that unlike in years past, the late night sports radio scene has really picked up. For example, ESPN has Jason Smith, who is knowledgable and funny, and at least where I live, Dan Patrick is on late nights on Westwood 1, and he is very knowledgeable. So, in closing, the Late Night Sports radio scene has become better over the past few years.


Well, Ladies and Germs, another entry has come to a close. Until next time, I AM OUT!!!

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