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Posted on: January 22, 2009 9:15 pm

Chillin' With Crum: top 5 picks

Alright folks, welcome to the 2nd (well, technically 1st) edition of Chillin' With Crum. I thought this would be a weekly blog, but...forget that. In this issue, several topics will be discussed, including my idea as the top 5 NFL draft picks and steroids. Let's get it on.


To start, as we all know, the Detroit Lions will have the 1st pick the NFL draft this spring. I'm assuming that they'll go QB, seeing as the future of Kitna is in doubt, Stanton is constantly hurt and no one knows with Culpepper, I am assuming the with the first overall pick, the Lions selct:

~Matthew Stafford, Quarterback from the University of Georgia

However, they also could go for Mark Sanchez from USC. However, knowing the Lions, they might make a strange pick nobody would ever think of. But since now Matt Millen is gone, I suppose anything could happen.


Ok, next up are the St. Louis Rams, who own the 2nd draft pick for the 2nd straight season. I don't think they'd go with a QB, since they have Bulger and Fitzpatrick (that's his name, right?) However, they will need someone who is capable of protecting Marc Bulger. In fact, Bulger is the 2nd most sacked QB since 2004, right under Ben Roethlisberger. So, I think that the Rams will select:

~Andre Smith, Offensive Lineman from Alabama


After them is the Kansas City Chiefs. I have two thoughts about who they could draft. These are:

~Mark Sanchez, Quarterback from the fake USC

~Percy Harvin, Running Back/Wide Reciever from Florida

I say Mark Sanchez because let's be honest, Damon Huard is going to get it done, and I don't know if Brodie Croile will either (sorry if I spelled Croile's name wrong). I'm sure some people reading this will be saying "Wait, Percy Harvin?!?!" Larry Johnson's future is undetermined. They need another recieving threat. Since Harvin can catch and run, I think he'd be an OK choice.


Now the lowly Seahawks. What happened to these guys!?!? Well, having an injured QB and virtually no running game, possibly. However, Hasselbeck is going to be back, they could possibly get a quality running back in the 2nd round, so a reciever is what they should focus on. The two top recievers are Michael Crabtree and Jeremy Maclin. I know Mel Kiper of ESPN chose Crabtree, but my choice as the Seahawks draft pick is:

~Jeremy Maclin, Wide Reciever from Missourri

He can catch, return kicks and has tons of speed.


Now the Browns. I think that the Browns could also use a bit of offensive line help. Therefore, I believe that the Browns will draft:

~Jason Smith, OT from Baylor


Now, jumping away from football, I would like to give my take on a pressing subject in baseball, as well as other sports; Steroids. Just today, Jay McGwire (Mark estranged brother) came out talking about how he got Mark to start taking steroids. In my opinion, this disgusts me. Anyone using steroids does. Canseco disgusts me. Giambi disgusts me. However, some people get accused of it but are just big people, like Frank Frank Thomas Thomas. There are only a few people in baseball who you can say without a doubt they did not take steroids. Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez. I'm sure there are more, but those are the 2 that came to mind. This whole issue with steroids makes me sick. Go compete in bodybuilding, where nobody cares if you use steroids.


Ok, that's it for this article. Remember to always check for new issues, and I AM OUT!!


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