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Posted on: January 20, 2009 1:04 pm

Crum's Croner, 1/20/09

Hello CBSSports community, and welcome to the first edition of Crum's Corner!!! In today's issue, My Super Bowl pick, a small college basketball outlook of one very surprising Big 10 team and some pro wrestling insight, so let's get it on!!!


Alright, we'll start with my pick for winner of Super Bowl 43. The game:Cardinals vs. Steelers. The Location: Tampa Bay, FL. The Cardinals have arguably the best recieving core in the NFL, an aging, but still quality QB and a young coach. The Steelers have the leagues best defense, a quality offense and a young coach. I'm taking the Pittsburgh Steelers. Why? Well, how about I throw a few names out there:

-James Harrison

-Larry "Athletes" Foote (got that from Chris Berman)

-Ben Roethlisberger

-Willie Parker

-Santonio Holmes

-Hines Ward

-Troy Polamalou

-Troy Polamalou's hair

All of these and more are reasons why the Steelers will be the champions. They Cards may have the best 2 recievers in football, but with Big Ben and Willie Parker on offense and James Harrison and Troy Polamalou on defense, there is no way the Cardinals will have a chance. Sorry, Arizone, guess you'll have to wait another 60 years.


Ok, here's a quick college b-ball outlook for The University of Illinois Fighting Illini. A couple games ago, when U of I played against Michigan State, I really thought it was going to be the Illini who would rule the Big 10. But...then they blew it. However, even though Demitri McCamey had a horrible game, putrid even, several other players stepped up, notably Alex Legion, a transfer from Kentucky. There is still work to be done, but if Legion, or Chester Frazier or Trent Meachum step up as a leader, I think the rest of the Illini's season will be a good one, ending up with a tournament bid.


Now, a tad of Wrestling insight, particularly about WWE's next PPV, the Royal Rumble. Since many people do not enjoy wrestling (although many people do), I'll just do my picks quickly. Cena defeats JBL, Melina defeats Beth Phoenix, Matt Hardy defeats Jack Swagger, Jeff Hardy defeats Edge and Undertaker wins the Royal Rumble Match. For more in depth WWE views and opinions, go to thewrestlinggame.com/wrestling, and look for "The Master's Dojo"


Ok, well that's it for now, I AM OUT

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