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Chillin' With Crum 1/28/09-Random Thoughts Part 1

Ok, welcome one and all to another excellent issue of Chillin' With Crum. In this entry, I will ramble on about some random junk, without any real point of the article

Topics probably discussed in this article: The Super Bowl, A surprise in the Big 10, a surprise in the SEC and Pro Wrestling


Ok, so, the Super Bowl. I have had several people come up to me and tell me "Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner will be too much for the Steelers" and I have to disagree. They are all great players, but Boldin is somewhat injured and Warner is old. If Warner gets hit hard in the knee or something, Leinart will come in and nobody knows what'll happen then. The Steelers have the NFL's best defense. They will over power the Cardinals. I might be closer than some people think, but not close enough for Arizona.


Ok now a few surprise teams. I might be biased, but The U of I Fighting Illiniare 2nd in the Big 10, ranked for the first time in a while, and are on a roll. They beat up on OSU and Wisconsin, and nearly beat MSU. Watch out, because they could be a spoiler come Tourney time. Also, In the mediocre SEC, South Carolina could make a run. They've won a couple of their last games, and star player Devan Downey is second in the conference in scoring. Watch out, they might just sneak into the Tournament.


Ok, now my pro wrestling segment, specifically the Royal Rumble. Melina beat Beth Phoenix for the Women's title, which pleased me because Beth had held the belt since Summerslam. Jack Swagger retained his ECW title, which I don't really care about, since ECW is not cool any more...except for Finlay. Cena beat JBL, even though HBK Shawn Michaels gave Cena some Sweet Chin Music. And then, Edge beat Jeff Hardy for the WWE title after Matt Hardy, Jeff's brother screwed him out of the title. That suprised me a ton. I was expecting Christian's return. The there was the Royal Rumble Match. I thought Undertaker was going to win. He was in for so long, so long, but then Big Show pulled 'Taker off the apron to screw him. Then Randy Orton eliminated Triple H to win. Orton!?!?! Dang. But Rob Vand Dam, the all time greatest extremist and one of my favorites returned for the match. That was cool.


Ok, thats it for this entry, I AM OUT

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